Caring People is a completely lay run community that relies on the personal creativity, ingenuity, wisdom and vocational mission of its members. Each member is viewed as a gift to the entire community. 

Caring People will incorporate and celebrate the great spiritual traditions in its search for inspiration, wisdom and guidance.

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The Holy Texts of enduring spiritual traditions will serve as a reference to enrich our services and expand our appreciation of human history. These spiritual traditions include Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism, Native American and African American Spirituality and Taoism.  We will use them as they were always meant to be used: as a way of assisting us in our search for peace.  

Our purpose is not to judge or compete with them but to respect and learn from them; therefore, we will strive to incorporate these traditions into our sacred worship. The writings of the great spiritual masters deserve our respect, veneration and undying attention because they all point us in the same direction – acknowledging our transcendence.

The first source of truth about human nature has always been human nature itself and Mother Nature that surrounds us. Having faith in this fundamental truth will strengthen your passage through pain, trauma, uncertainty and confusion by giving us resilience and reason to hope. 

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Caring People is a community that will help its members discover spirituality from within making it easier to be kind to ourselves and others because we respect the journey of life, with all of its manifestations, rather than feeling we must be judgmental of it in the name of righteousness. 

This psycho-spiritual perspective of life reconciles what went wrong in our lives to what can become right and personally enriching. Every event in life becomes an opportunity to learn if the Learner looks within as their source of holiness rather than the institutional agenda of holiness, we take for granted, and rely on for self-assurance.

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Books & Publications

Playbook for Life Front Cover for Caring People
Playbook for Life Back Cover for Caring People

Playbook for Life: The Fusion of Healthy Thoughts and Deep Emotion

By Ann Mody Lewis, Ph.D.